Meet Precious

Here’s what you need to know about Precious

She loves making jewelry and has a passion for it

She loves encouraging others to become entrepreneurs

She loves encouraging others to stay and think positive

She loves to read the Bible and she loves to read devotionals – positive reading

She loves to travel especially to the Caribbean

She loves a good laugh and tries not to take herself too seriously.

She is a Capricon, which means she is very ambitious, creative, intelligent, passionate, hardworking and loyal.

On the 16 Personalities Test, she’s an Advocate, which means she is an inspiring and tireless idealist. 

She is intentional about releasing good into the world.

Other than her love for crafting, she loves the Beach. It is her happy place.

Here is how she got there

Humble beginnings

I have always loved the idea of selling goods and owning a business someday. As a little girl, I sold everything from lollipops to t-shirts. I could probably sell an air conditioner in Alaska in the middle of Winter. 

My mother, who was a professional seamstress, took the time to teach all of her children, both boys and girls, how to sew. She also sent me to home economics classes where I learned to crochet, knit, and cross-stitch, but nothing about jewelry making.

Learning the trade of jewelry making was always a challenge for me, but in everything I do, I put God first and I always overcame my challenges.

My ambition to make jewelry, started on December 17, 2015, when the leader of my small group gave me a journal as a Christmas present.  In that journal, I was to write down my vision for 2016 and the future.

The first thing I wrote was jewelry making and owning a shop.  I wanted to design fashion jewelry and accessories and one day be able to own a brick and mortar and run my boutique. However, I did not know how to craft jewelry.  I knew how to sew and embroider, and that was just about it.

I decided to pray and surrender my vision to God. With faith and courage, I took on the task of teaching myself—and my vision was born.  Armed with newfound skills and commitment to fulfill my dream, I launched Precious Jewels in January 2017.

My passion keeps me motivated to perfect everything I make. I craft all jewelry by hand one precious piece at a time. This is what makes my products so unique and special. As much as I love creating something from scratch, I enjoy the peace and satisfaction of seeing God’s handiwork through me.  Without God, Precious Jewels will not be where it is today.  So I give all thanks, praise and honor to God first and to my mother for her hard work, dedication, determination and patience; my family for all their support and patience for not giving up on me; my JFJ and AOBC familes for their continuous prayers, for believing in me and my vision, and for lifting me up along this journey.