You don’t have to be a big believer of much, but you do have to believe that coping with anxiety can be done. In fact, you can achieve natural anxiety relief without the drugs, downers, prescription, pill bottle, booze bottle – whatever vice you currently use. Most times, the unnatural forms of treatment for anxiety only mask the problem and/or make it worse over time. So, you definitely want to learn how something as simple as a lava stone can make coping with anxiety easy.

You don’t have to be a hippie to believe in the energy and healing power of stones , but you do need to believe in something. Maybe lava stones are the answer for you.

What are lava stones?

In order to understand how lava stones can act as a source for natural anxiety relief, you need to know what lava stones are. They’re the oldest stone in the world and have been used for centuries amongst several different cultures. Hence the name, these stones do come from the fiery bubbles bursting out of volcanoes. Once the lava dries, it turns into a beautiful stone.

But a lava stone isn’t just a stone. Like the fire bursting strength of a volcano, these little black porous balls of hardened lava hold many powerful healing benefits.

They offer strong healing properties. A massage therapist may use lava stones to bring emotional tranquility, relaxation and a sense of calmness. Lava stones are also a part of the chakra, which refers to the wheels of energy occurring within your body. You often hear of chakra in association with yoga and meditation, which are also great treatments for anxiety. Lava stones are the root chakra and crown chakra, which I’ll touch on later.

How can lava stones make coping with anxiety easier?

I know what you’re thinking, ‘how can a stone have healing powers?’ You’re not the first person to ask this and you likely won’t be the last. Although, you also can’t deny that lava stones and their ability to make coping with anxiety easier has piqued your interest. After all, yoga, meditation, and massages have all proven to be excellent de-stressors. So maybe there’s something more to lava stones than what you may think.

If you’re already a believer in the energies of the atmosphere and the healing properties of the earth, then you’re one step ahead of the game. Often times, the best source of treatment for anxiety is belief; to believe is something – anything, and if that belief is in healing stones, then you’ve come to the right place.

Lava stones are created by the fire and energy of a volcano, and they are rich in minerals that come from deep within the earth. If you listened to your grade 2 science class, this is something you already know. Since science, it’s associated with certain qualities.  It is those qualities from within the rock that can bring natural anxiety relief.

What are the healing properties of lava stone?

Due to the nature of this stone, you can only imagine how powerful its healing properties are. For starters, lava stones will bring strength and courage to whoever is wearing it. It reduces anger and negativity from your life, while also increasing your energy, assertiveness, and protection.

More importantly, for anxiety, lava stones introduce grounding qualities into your life which help calm your emotions. It’s an intense energy, but a calming one. On a spiritual level, lava stones bring stability. Due to the strong connection to the earth, wearing lava stones grounds you, keeping you calm and humble.  This also makes them exceptionally beneficial for those suffering from depression or other mental health illnesses.

How to benefit from lava stones?

Taking advantage of the healing properties of lava stones is really easy.  For me, I wear lava stone bracelets . Sometimes I combine them with other healing stones. It really depends on my mood. Whatever you do, it’s important to have the lava stones on your skin or at least close to it to embrace the natural flow of energy.

It’s really up to you and what you want to believe, but you really have nothing to lose by wearing a stunning piece of lava stone. They’re also a huge fashion trend right now, so you won’t look all hippie, voodoo either. However; simply wearing it and having that belief can help change your mindset, which may be all you need to achieve natural anxiety relief. A positive mind goes a long way.

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